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Landgoed Loenen (The Loenen Estate), the adjacent Loenensche Buitenpolder (floodplain) and Strandpark Slijk-Ewijk (lake) offer good variety in habitats.

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The estate Landgoed Loenen has old stands of forest, meadows and a nice manor. In the forested areas Northern GoshawkEurasian Green WoodpeckerEurasian Nuthatch breed. Middle Spotted Woodpecker has bee seen here too.

The lake of Strandpark Slijk Ewijk is crowded with people in summer. But in winter the water attracts many birds like Common GoldeneyeCommon PochardTufted DuckSmewGoosander and sometimes rare sea birds turn up. Common Kingfisher can be seen the whole year.

The floodplain in the Loenensche Buitenpolder consists mainly of meadows, a side channel of the river and some ponds. In 2019 works took place in the area to make the side channel and new ponds. The working area was immediately used by breeding Little Ringed Plover and in autumn many waders were seen.



The area is easily accessible. The walk on the map takes you through the three areas.

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Forest, Grassland, Wetland, River, Lake



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Spring, Winter, Summer


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