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The Vijlenerbos is a 650-hectare forest and nature reserve near the town of Vijlen. A nice area for walking and rich in forest birds.

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The Vijlenerbos is a forest area that extends over a length of about 8 km between Epen and the Drielandenpunt near Vaals. The forest borders Belgium for about 5 km and Germany for about 1 km. The forests consist of a quarter of coniferous forest and the rest of deciduous forest. Middle Spotted Woodpecker lives in the areas with older oak trees. Firecrest is bound to medium to old coniferous forests. Common Crossbill and Siskin breed regularly in these forests, as is Hawfinch. In the open oak-birch forests, Wood Warbler is a regular guest. Lesser Spotted Woodpecker, Marsh Tit, Eurasian Nuthatch and Great Spotted Woodpecker live in the old, varied parts of the deciduous forest. An inconspicuous species is the Woodcock. Among the birds of prey, European Honey-buzzard, Northern Goshawk and Sparrowhawk can be found in the Vijlenerbos. Occasionally Eurasian Hobby breeds in the area. Tawny Owl is a common species in the forest. Cuckoo and Golden Oriole also occur in low numbers. On the edges sometimes Red-backed Shrike can be seen.



Well-known starting points for a walk through the Vijlenerbos are the parking lot at the forest cafe Het Hijgende Hert (see the P on the map) and the parking lot Zevenwegen. Or the Groeneweg Vijlen. There are many trails you can walk. The route shown on the map is 10,5 km. It's divided in two loops of 5 km. But there are countless other possibilities for hiking.

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