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The plains around Entradas offer good chances to spot most of the iconic steppe-land birds, such as Little Bustard and European Roller.

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Vale Gonçalinho is located in the core of Castro Verde Special Protection Area, a treeless, man-made landscape, somehow resembling the true Russian Steppe, and home to a set of bird species that strictly depend on this habitat to thrive.

During early spring along, the walking trail, you can easly spot Red-legged Partridge, Lesser Kestrel, European Roller, Calandra Lark and Little Bustard. Black-bellied Sandgrouse can be found around the track, keep an eye for birds flying just over the horizon. Montagu's Harrier and Spanish Eagle are also possible. On spring and early summer pay attention to ground dwelling passerines such as Greater Short-toed Lark and Tawny Pipit.

During winter its possible to spot flocks of Northern Lapwing and European Golden Plover, as well as large flocks of Eurasian Skylark. It's also possible to see Merlin chasing small passerines.

Almost every rock piles scattered around this area is occupied by a Little Owl, all year around.



Vale Gonçalinho is accessible by car, bike or simply by walking. The easiest way to get here, is to travel from Castro Verde, and take the old road (parallel to IP2) towards the village of Entradas (to the north). Keep following the road till you reach an intersection where a Great Bustard silhouette is placed. There is a parking place near the local Environmental Centre, by the end of the road. Click on the P in the map for directions. You can explore the area by walking the marked trail. The circular walk indicated on the map is about 3,5 km. You can get more details from the LPN (League for the protection of Nature) staff.

Terrain and Habitat

Grassland , Steppe , Agriculture


Flat , Dry , Open landscape , High water possible , No shadow

Circular trail


Is a telescope useful?

Can be useful

Good birding season

Spring , Autumn , Winter

Best time to visit



Unpaved road

Difficulty walking trail


Accessible by

Foot , Bicycle

Birdwatching hide / platform


Extra info

Since this is private land you're advised to stay on the marked trail, and close every gate you cross. On hot spring/summer days bring water, and avoid the hottest hours of the day (birds won't much active anyway).

Motorhomes are not allowed to spend the night (there are specific places in Castro Verde for that purpose).


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