Barranco del Agua

La Palma  >  Spain

A large and impressive water ravine surrounded by large laurel forests and a great spot for endemic species!

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The Barranco del Agua is a large water ravine located in the northeast of the island of La Palma. The ravine has multiple waterfalls and gives visitors the most impressive views of nature's extremes. Overhanging cliffs, caves, laurel forests, high waterfalls and many more can be seen here. Due to this environment, the area is great for (especially) the endemic pigeon species: Laurel Pigeon and Bolle's Pigeon. They can be seen and (mainly) heard, echoing through the ravine.

The small river flowing through the ravine is a great spot for Grey Wagtail. Other species that can be found here are Goldcrest, Canary Islands Chiffchaff, African Blue Tit, Sparrowhawk and Common Chaffinch.

The area is especially beautiful for its natural scenery and the walk towards the waterfalls.



To get to the first waterfalls is easy and very well accessable. To continue your track, you'll have to walk underneath the two waterfalls through a small and narrow ravine. You can get very wet, but you'll be able to time your crossing so the "wetness" can be within limits. The walk through the ravine can be very difficult and you'll need to climb large rocks to get through to the end. Good hiking shoes are definitely neccecary!

Terrain and Habitat

Forest , Mountain , Canyon/cliff , River


Rocky , Mountainous

Circular trail


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Good birding season

All year round

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Unpaved road , Narrow trail

Difficulty walking trail


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