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The southern tip of the Falsterbo peninsula is one of the best places in Europe to see bird migration in September and October.

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Just on the edge of the spit of land jutting out into the Øresund is Falsterbo. The Falsterbo peninsula is one of the greatest destinations for autumn bird migration in Europe! You have a good view to migration and on one day it’s possible to see hundreds, or thousands, of the same species, Starting around the beginning of September, the big numbers of birds start in the beginning of October. By the end of October, the numbers start to go down, but this is also largely dependent on weather conditions en from which way the wind blows. Southwest winds are best.

Best point for observing passerines is the Nabben viewpoint on the southern tip of the peminsula at the end of the golf course. A small hide protects you from the winds there, but when there are many birders (and in September and October this is often the case) you probably have to stand on a spot outside the hide. Nabben is dominated by the Falsterbo golf course, which means that it is relatively open and higher vegetation is scarce. Perfect to observe the birds coming towards you.

For the best birding on Nabben, be there as early as you can. This spot is especially good for passerines, and the early morning sometimes is amazing with thousands of birds.

What many birders that visit Falsterbo do is: start at Nabben in the morning and then move further up the peninsula to the site of Ljungen later in the morning as the air warms up and the birds of prey take flight. Ljungen is the best place to observe raptor migration on the Falsterbo peninsula. Ljungen is also described on Birdingplaces (see the link below).



You can park near the entrance of the golfresort south of Falsterbo on the public Falsterbo parking area. Note that this small parking has only space for about 8 cars and is an option only if you arrive early. Do not park in the adjacent Golf Club parking area or outside the parking area because then you have a big chance to get a fine. If the small parking is full, drive back a little north to the much bigger Flommens parking. From there it is a longer walk (about 2 km one way) to Nabben, but it is a very nice walk between the sea and the golf course where already many birds can be seen. Click on a P in the map to get directions to the parking of your choice.

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Besides the southern point Nabben there are 3 other points of interest

1 Kolabacken (see star on the map) is a good observation spot for migrating birds, especially passerines and birds of prey. Gives a short but good observation time on the many raptors in the autumn ( many of them turn back over Kolabacken and never reach the southern point)

2 Bandingstation (See star on the map). One of Sweden's most important banding stations doing a, since many years, standardised inventory of the migrating birds. Now and then rarities are caught and normally shown along the fence to the lighthouse. W of the bandingstation is a good view over the sea.

3 Flommarna (see the star on the map) - Shallow ponds surrounded by reeds.

The outer part of the peninsula, Måkläppen, is restricted between 1/2 - 31/10, please be alert of the signs.


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