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Eldorado for both birds and birdwatchers. No less than 170 species of birds breed or rest each year. Almost half of the species regularly visit Sweden.

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Getterön offers excellent opportunities for bird watching during all months of the year. About 170 species regularly breed or rest during migration. In addition to these, a large number of temporary guests visit. Not less than 334 species have been recorded at Getterön. During spring and autumn large numbers of geese, ducks and wading birds roost here. Thanks to the mild climate and the proximity to the sea, many birds are also wintering. Heated water from Varberg’s sewage plant flows through the channel and out into the lagoon, and contributes to keeping the ice away even during severe winters. Just outside the Visitor centre (Naturum) it is therefore possible to see Little Grebe , Smew, Common Kingfisher and many of the other exciting winter guests, and all from a comfortable cafeteria. Flocks of Whooper Swan and diving ducks are also to be seen on the water. Wintering Bearded Tit gather in the reeds along with Water Rail and Great Bittern. The Peregrine Falcon is found in the reserve all year round. During the winter it may be accompanied by White-tailed Eagle and Gyrfalcon.



Getterön is located 2 km north of the centre of Varberg, in the province of Halland on the west coast of Sweden. From the E6 follow the signs to Varberg town centre and Grenå and then the signs to Getterön. The visitorcenter (Naturum) is accessible for wheelchair users and there is also a a café. Getterönʼs nature reserve you get right up close to the birds without disturbing them thanks to the superb hides and observation positions. The entire reserve can also be seen from Naturum (Visitor centre) through panoramic windows, and information about current bird observations is also available here. Outside of the facilities and the trails there is a year-round prohibition on entering the other parts of the reserve.

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