Hammar - The Winter Feeding

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A small field left unharvested for preservation reasons to help birds in winter. Mainly focusing on the, in Sweden endangered, Corn Bunting.

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The field is not big but is the only reliable spot to see Corn Bunting in Sweden (they do breed in the area of SE Skåne but are scattered over the landscape) due to them gather in one flock at the field in the winter. Sometimes Lapland Bunting is seen as well.

Other birds to be seen in the area is White-tailed Eagle, Peregrine Falcon, Hen Harrier, Rough-legged Buzzard and occasionally Gyrfalcon.

Some kilometers west of Hammar and north of the road is a marsh, called "Ingelstorps mosse". It's a great area which provides a good variety of geese, like Taiga Bean Goose, Greater White-fronted Goose and sometimes Pink-footed Goose.



Driving from Ystad road 9 towards Simrishamn, turn right at Kabusa an follow the coastal road east. After passing through the village Hammar park on the right side, walk back a bit, cross the road and follow the trail (see map for more detail).

It is possible to reach the area by local bus, but it takes about one hour walk. Take regional bus 570 from Ystad central station towards Simrishamn, step of at station Kabusakorset.

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Unpaved road , Wide path

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The area between the highway (9) and Hammar is very nice and worth visiting. At Kabusa south of the coastal road is a military training ground. Public is allowed to be there but be aware of red flags in case of an exercise.

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