Belen pass

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During autumn migration many raptors and other soaring birds follow this mountain ridge on their way south. Large groups of (black) storks or eagles can be seen

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The area gets all the soaring birds that pass the Borporus near Istanbul, including those from the Turkish mainland as well as a part of the birds that pass via Geogia and the east coast of the Black Sea. Greater Spotted Eagle and Imperial Eagle are much more common here than around Istanbul. The pine forests at the pass contain Turkish forest species like Krüper's Nuthatch as well as many passerine migrants.



The pass itself contains a major road, so getting there is easy.

For birdwatching you have to take a side road or a dirt road into open forest. E.g. the road to Güzelyayla.

Terrain and Habitat

Forest , Mountain , City/village


Mountainous , Hilly

Circular trail


Is a telescope useful?


Best time to visit

Autumn migration


Paved road , Unpaved road

Difficulty walking trail

Average walk

Accessible by

Foot , Car

Birdwatching hide / platform


Extra info

The road to Güzelyayla is very good for migrating raptors, but unfortunately there are few sites with some view. Stop at any place with a view and keep an eye on the skye, as well as in bushes around the road.

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